Important information for visit's organizer

ALICE exhibition/underground visits

  • The organizer must be registered at CERN, and have a valid CERN Account.
  • The organizer must check that the  visits calendar  allows a suitable visit program which does not interfere with standard visits.
  • Only qualified guides are permitted to use the exhibition remote control and to guide groups in the ALICE underground. It is up to the organizer to find an available guide. To do so, an email can be sent to the following address : . A link to the guides search tool is also available here
  • The organizer submits a request for an ALICE private visit specifying he/she wants to visit ALICE only. The request will come through to the ALICE Secretariat to organize. You will receive a confirmation email, once the visit has been approved.
  • In the request, the contact person is the organizer of the visit and he/she will receive the information regarding the accesses to ALICE P2.
  • All the participants must bring and wear a valid and visible badge. If they are not in possession of one, the contact person will be asked to inform the names, first names, date/place/country of birth, nationality, through My Guided Tour platform.
  • The organizer will also have to pick up and remit the visitor badges to the visitors, should they need one. The badges will be available at the reception, building 33.
  • Should the organizer is a guide, he/she has to fill in the IMPACT.
  • For underground visits only:  after completing the visit, the organizer must attach the form with the dose information, duly signed by each of the visitors, and close the IMPACT.
  • The full procedure can be found here and more detailed information on how to submit the IMPACT request can be found here.