Possible scenario for Virtual visit

The virtual visit starts be connecting from the ALICE Run Control Centre (ARC) where there is videoconferencing equipment dedicated to virtual visits (vcroom058) The virtual visitors can have a general view of the ARC, can find out about the datataking, the roles of the shifters and about the way LHC operates. In addition, the guide can show the different big screens and explain DCS, event display, triggers, LHC page1 etc.

The visit can then continue via a mobile device (smart phone fixed to a gimbal). The guide can show the hall in 2285, the big crane, other installation tools which happen to be in the hall, the shaft, the PAD and explain the access rules (biometric control etc).

When the cavern is accessible (no beam due to long shutdown or end-of-year technical stop of the LHC) the virtual visit can continue underground.

The guide can show the detectors from the low-beta platform and the muon spectrometer side. This part can be similar to a real visit.

While the guide is inside the lift the wifi connection gets cut; it is restored once the guide is outside the lift. If a second person is present in the ARC, he/she can take over during the interruption and share material (Video, impress presentation explaining the detectors etc).

If there is enough time, a Q&A session can follow, once the guide is back upstairs.

If the virtual visit is not part of a local event, it can be preceded, if required, by an introductory presentation (virtual conference) about CERN, particle physics, accelerators/detectors and ALICE.